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Moulin Rouge - L'ombre De Lautrec


20 Years After THE 9/11 ATTACKS
Sep. 11, 2021

Sep. 11 terrorist attacks-themed Japanesque rock 'Uo-Sao'

My Grandma Says (2021, I also think it, as a grandpa)
Sep. 4, 2021

Following the previous release "Moulin Rouge-Shadow of Lautrec", Zettaimu has released a new single "My grandma says...".

This is a remake of the song with the same title as the title of the first album released in 1989, and the feelings accumulated over the past 40 years are spun.

Moulin Rouge - L'ombre De Lautrec
Mar. 7, 2021

This is a draft version of "Moulin Rouge - L'ombre de Lautrec". Zettaimu released the single for the first time in two years.

20 Years After THE 9/11 ATTACKS

“The music sounds great!!

I would gladly work with the band"

Elton John

—  Stuart Epps, UK Producer For


“Very creative !!

I look forward to working with you soon. I took the Cd's with me to listen in the car and the plane I really enjoyed them. It's nice to listen to something different for a change!!!

Great Work!!!"

"Create a whole new sound that neither Japan or the US has heard as a collaboration."


—  Andre Betts,

Madonna's Record Producer 

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